Recycling base

Recycling base of the company Rail and Transport Buildings, Ltd. is situated in the south-eastern part of Košice town, approximately 5 km from the centre of the town. This company provides, through its recycling base Košice – Barca, builders firms placed on the territory of Košice town and surroundings with a possibility to store and process of waste incurred by the building activity from excavations and demolition works.

We offer the quality recycled products as a valuable replacement for the natural materials. At the same time this base serves as economic backgrounds of our company.

Mobile building-erection gangs

These gangs are especially suitable for smaller reconstruction and building works, where utilization of heavy mechanization is not possible, or it is not effective, as well as during qualified professional works.

Gangs consist of the workers of long-standing experience acquired in construction of railways within the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. These gangs are equipped with the quality small mechanization and transport mechanisms.